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Holiday Travel Tips

London Airport

The holidays have officially arrived! We’ve been shopping ourselves silly and wrapping gifts in advance. Thinking about family means traveling to see them soon! If this is a particularly stressful time of year for you, Fly Girl Travel has a few tips to make traveling a bit easier and more enjoyable.

Travel Light

Don’t take more than you need. With airlines charging for every bag you may want to limit the number you bring -- especially if you’ll be bringing more back with you after opening the holiday gifts. If you do have to pay for extra checked bags, always pay online before you head to the airport. Once there, airlines charge more per checked bag. Also: the less you take, the less you have to worry about bringing back.

Avoid Traveling on Peak Days

If large, waiting, stressed crowds at the airport stresses you out, try to travel on the least traveled days. Avoid Friday and Monday especially, don’t travel on Christmas Eve, and avoid peak times if you can! This will help you avoid many travel woes and worries that creep up when in a rush on these busy days.

Leave with Plenty of Time

It may be dull or boring sitting at the airport waiting for your flight, but it’s better than stressing yourself just to make it to the gate on time. Leave plenty of time for check-in and security this time of year. The usual rule of thumb is 2 hours for domestic flights, 3 for international; but I tend to leave extra time than this just in case. I don’t mind eating breakfast or lunch at the airport if it means a more casual journey! Now may be a great time to treat yourself to an airline lounge pass!

Restaurant Dining

Bring Entertainment and Snacks

To help make your travel more enjoyable make sure to bring provisions: books, snacks, downloaded music on your smartphone, games to play in airplane mode; just don’t take liquids! If you forget, don’t worry - the airport convenience shops are a great place to pick up a magazine and snacks if you need them for the flight, although you will pay more.

Send Your Gifts in Advance

Don’t travel with your gifts for everyone. Check the price for shipping, as it could be less than the cost of checking a bag on your airline. Send your gifts to the destination a couple weeks in advance. Also, this will lighten the load you’re carrying when going through the airport and leave you worrying less about damaged.

Christmas Gifts

Bring Calming Tools

Bring calming and soothing teas, lavender pills, and earplugs. Don’t forget your travel pillow and eye shades. Make sure everything you take on you, especially in your carry on, is ready to make your trip as peaceful and enjoyable as possible! Then you’ll have supplies for those family dinners where heated conversations come up. With a little calming tea and a lavender pill you’ll be calm as a purring kitten.

If you have other travel tips to share with us, leave them in the comments! We’d love to hear the ways you make traveling easy, stressless, and fun!


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