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Down Under This Summer

Looking to get away from the heat this summer? Then you might want to travel Down Under for the summer holidays. Summer in the North means Winter in the south, and that makes Australia, straddling the Tropic of Capricorn, a comfortable climate to visit. With highs in the 70's and rain (minimal snow), Australia gives you the ideal weather to hit the beach, walk the outback, and experience a different side of wildlife without needing the heavy layers of clothing you'd take to other wintering countries. Fret not, though, if you're looking for skiing there are options for your summer get-away.

Australia is a large country with differing geography from north to south, and east to west. Surrounded by oceans, the climate is usually kept moderate until the rainy seasons take shape. Starting in April/May, southern Australia starts to see more moisture falling from the sky, as the winter means more rain for this area. Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide see most of their rain during through July/August; where the northern part of the country becomes very dry. Conversely Australia's summer sees monsoon season hit the northern coasts. Take note of the weather before your trip to plan accordingly! Even with the rains April through July, temperatures still reach high 60's and mid 70's during the day, making it ideal for vacationers escaping the heat of America's South and Midwest.

One of Australia's biggest attractions is the wonderful surfing available all around the island. If you're trying to make a trip that encompasses the most of Australia's country sides then start up north at the Gold Coast, about 500 miles north of Sydney and just outside Brisbane. Surfer's Paradise offers amazing beaches, spectacular waves, and warm weather year round. If you are planning a Sydney trip though, planning to spend most of your time along the southern coasts, definitely check out the available beaches for surfing, swimming, or even diving with the marine life. The major thing to check for when scoping out the beaches are the dangers: sharks, jellyfish, rip tides, and any other number of unsavory aspects. Do a basic search online for the types of beaches you want to walk on. They're usually marked where it's safer to tread the water. If you're planning on hitting up the ocean, make sure to go Humpback Whale watching! They winter in the waters off Australia and offer amazing moments for tourists wishing to catch a glimpse of these mammoth water mammals.

Not into swimming in the ocean? That's alright! Australia is as diverse as any developed country. There's Skiing in Queensland and New South Wales, or take a short trip to New Zealand or Tasmania for more scenic slopes. Want to taste the exquisite wine from vineyards in the bush, just browse the multiple wineries
available to take you on a tour and sample their amazing cuisine while you're at it. Or head to Kangaroo Island and Adelaide for some out of this world experiences with indigenous wildlife. Send yourself on an excursion in Uluru Valley where nature takes over in the wild lands of the Aborigines, where Australia's winter reduces the excruciating heat and overwhelming flies.

But if you're not the kind of traveler to venture out of the city Sydney offers a wide arrange of site-seeing to enjoy. The iconic Sydney Opera house is something you can't miss. Try scoping the city for every vantage point and find that perfect picture for yourself. Or check out the Royal Botanic Gardens, Hyde Park, or Darling Harbor. Stop by the Sydney Olympic Park. Then there's the boundless cuisine all throughout the Sydney, museums, and zoo to engage your interest. With comfortable temperatures, endless adventures to undertake, and time, Summering Down Under can be the best vacation you've taken!


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